FDBK solves three core problems:


Unhealthy relationships create unhappy couples, which contributes to societal mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, addiction, suicide and even homicide.

Divorce leads to traumatised children and generations of dysfunction. Furthermore, there are 4 million victims of sex trafficking globally - many of whom are lured in by predators.


82% of couples also want to learn how to prevent arguments with their partners. But seeking professional help is time and cost prohibitive for nearly two-thirds of couples - and 80% of them also want to try and resolve issues without hiring a professional.


Meeting people who don't know how to have a healthy relationship is one of the biggest frustrations for dating app users. In particular, women are fed up with meeting men with sex addiction and love avoidance, or men who are not serious about having a relationship.

In addition, 70% of dating app users feel frustrated because they don’t know why people aren’t liking or matching with them. Ghosting is also a major frustration for both men and women alike. As a result, they are likely to stop using the dating app.