FDBK® Private Beta Results


We did a small private beta test with 100+ users - with a fairly even balance of genders (with a slight female bias) and a good mix of ages (18-54).

And the feedback (no pun intended) was phenonmenal for FDBK.

Here were the results:

  • 82% likely to keep using FDBK
  • 78% likely to complete more FDBK courses
  • 82% likely to recommend FDBK to friends
  • 68% preferred using FDBK to mainstream dating apps
  • 19% would buy an FDBK subscription after using beta*

* Calculated by applying the 'Bell and Rangan Effect' of:
discounting "extremely likely" responses by 20%, discounting "moderately likely" responses by 80%, and discarding "slightly likely" responses

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