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Why feedback features / profile feedback reports aren’t showing

At FDBK, we believe everyone deserves an opportunity to understand how to improve their profiles so that they can have more success in getting dates and finding a healthy relationship.

One way we believe this can be effectively achieved is through honest, constructive and anonymous peer feedback data and reports.

However, we deeply care about our users’ mental health.

So here are two reasons why feedback features may not be showing for you (but showing for others):

1. You didn’t pass the sensitivity check

When you first create a FDBK® account, we ask you how high your sensitivity is to feedback. This is because people who are highly sensitive to feedback are most likely not going to respond well to the idea of providing or receiving feedback ratings.

If feedback features aren’t showing for you, it’s because you picked “Extremely” for sensitivity as feedback features may not be suitable for people who are extremely sensitive to feedback.

2. You opted out of feedback mechanisms

If you are not extremely sensitive to feedback, we will then give you the option of selecting what type of feedback mode you would like.

Feedback Modes:

  • Standard - Rate photos and bios
  • Lite - Rate only bios
  • Zero - Opt out of all feedback features

If you selected Zero, then that means we hid all feedback features on profiles.

We will then ask you if you would like to opt in for feedback reports. If you select ‘No thanks’, then we will hide the feedback reports feautre.

Mental health-friendly feedback reports

If you are not extremely sensitive to feedback, and you have opted in for feedback reports, we will put an menu item called “Feedback” in the main side menu. When you tap on this, you will be shown feedback data from your peers.

To do this in a mental-healthy friendly way, we offer you two options for viewing feedback data, particularly relating to photos:

  1. Show photo scores - Show how many 3-5 star ratings you received for each photo and the average score across these ratings
  2. Hide photo scoress - Only see the order of highest to lowest rated photos - no average feedback scores

Our goal is to provide just enough feedback data to help you improve your profile while being considerate of mental health and self-esteem.

Are feedback reports and scores private?

Yes. Only profile owners can see these scores.

Further questions

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