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Did the behaviour happen within FDBK?

If so, the fastest way for us to take action is to report that behaviour from within FDBK. Here’s how:

  • If their profile is offensive, scroll down on their profile and tap the “REPORT & BLOCK” link.

  • If their behaviour in the chat area (including in text or on video/audio call) has been offensive, tap the “Unmatch” button at the bottom of screen, then select “I want to report this user”.

We investigate every report.

Off-platform behaviour (eg. harassment, assault, scam, ghosting, etc.)

If their behaviour happened outside of FDBK (such as in real life, over social media, WhatsApp, etc.), please do the following:

  1. If you were the victim of any crime, please firstly, report it to your local police. You can call 101 for non-emergency police. However, if you are currently in danger, or the crime has just happened, you should call emergency services on 999.

  2. Let us know by contacting us (even if you don’t have any evidence) of any bad off-platform behaviour. We can keep an eye on such users, and if we receive similar reports from others, we could well still take action, even in the absence of tangible evidence.

Of course, where possible, please do send us evidence such as screenshots of conversations, as well as any copies of confirmation emails from police reports. You can forward these to [email protected]